Qigong Healing Resources

Qigong is a big subject. It’s probably best known as a self-help practice for improving one’s health — it’s what we see the citizens of China doing in the parks every morning. The term “qigong” in its present usage is of recent (20th century) origin, but the practice of qigong-like… Read more“Qigong Healing Resources”

Jin Shin Jyutsu Resources

The origins of Jin Shin Jyutsu are not known. It’s a style of acupressure that was passed down verbally in ancient times from one generation to the next. It may have originated in India and may actually be a precursor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After falling into relative obscurity, it… Read more“Jin Shin Jyutsu Resources”

Rosen Method Resources

Rosen Method is about many things — relaxation, chronic muscle tension, emotional experiences stored in the body, compassionate touch, transitions and transformations, relief from physical pain, rediscovering your true nature. The following list includes topics that are of special interest to me. Under each of these topics you’ll find comments… Read more“Rosen Method Resources”

Chinese Medicine & Emotions Resources

Emotions are an integral part of our well-being and have a direct impact on our physical health. Emotions initiate physiological reactions in the body — hormonal secretions, the release of neurotransmitters, changes in pulse, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion. Positive emotions are highly beneficial for the body. Negative emotions, including… Read more“Chinese Medicine & Emotions Resources”

Chinese Astrology Resources

I’m not a follower or student of Western astrology, but in 2000 I had my Chinese astrological chart interpreted, first by Narrye Caldwell, my acupuncturist at the time, and then by her teacher, Robert Fenwick. I was impressed with the insights the reading provided. Much of what it told me… Read more“Chinese Astrology Resources”