Tui Na Resources

Tui Na (pronounced tway-nah) is a style of acupressure massage. It offers all the benefits of traditional western massage, plus the ability to address and alleviate specific health concerns. A typical Tui Na session uses a variety of strokes along energy channels, as well as gentle shaking, stretching, and movement… Read more“Tui Na Resources”

Shiatsu Resources

Shiatsu is a style of Asian Bodywork developed in Japan. It combines Chinese massage techniques (Tui Na, Anma, Qigong) with insights from Western physical therapy. Like all Asian Bodywork, it’s based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu is known for its use of rhythmic pressure along energy channels…. Read more“Shiatsu Resources”

Trauma, Pain, and Stress

When we experience events that are overwhelming, our feelings are not easily integrated. This is especially true in childhood. Our feelings at the time of the experience may have been unacceptable, either by our own standards or by the caregivers we depended on. These intense feelings don’t simply disappear. They… Read more“Trauma, Pain, and Stress”

Awareness and Movement

Movement practices are a wonderful way to access the parts of ourselves we have put away, allowing them to find free expression. There are a number of excellent resources available in the Bay Area. Included below are: Rosen Method Movement Essential Motion Continuum Movement 5Rhythms Alexander Technique Feldenkrais Note that… Read more“Awareness and Movement”


Bodyworkers Here are some books (and a video) I recommend to anyone considering a professional bodywork practice. Note that the links below will open in a second browser window. The Educated Heart, Professional guidelines for massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement teachers by Nina McIntosh When first starting a bodywork practice,… Read more“Bodyworkers”

Rosen Method Basics

The number of books on Rosen Method has been increasing, with new ones published in recent years. In addition to books, this section has links to magazine and newspaper articles available on the web, including several interviews with Marion Rosen. The Rosen Method schools listed below are often called training… Read more“Rosen Method Basics”

Jin Shin Jyutsu Resources

The origins of Jin Shin Jyutsu are not known. It’s a style of acupressure that was passed down verbally in ancient times from one generation to the next. It may have originated in India and may actually be a precursor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After falling into relative obscurity, it… Read more“Jin Shin Jyutsu Resources”