Acupressure Self-Help for Stress (1)

Movement Practices  Tui Na Acupressure Self Massage  Tracing the Three Yang Meridians  Eight Silken Movements  Three Qigong Movements for Long Life Return to Complete Table of Contents Movement Practices Tui Na Acupressure Self Massage (I’ve updated this information in a recent illustrated post, Tui Na Acupressure Self Massage.) Use this… Read more“Acupressure Self-Help for Stress (1)”

Qigong Healing Resources

Qigong is a big subject. It’s probably best known as a self-help practice for improving one’s health — it’s what we see the citizens of China doing in the parks every morning. The term “qigong” in its present usage is of recent (20th century) origin, but the practice of qigong-like… Read more“Qigong Healing Resources”

Acupressure Self-Help Overview

Here’s a guide to the acupressure self-help practices you can find on this site: Acupressure Self-Help for Stress: Table of Contents — There are 11 headings on this page, with links to 51 different items. The items are distributed over the following five pages: Page 1 — Movement Practices (Tui… Read more“Acupressure Self-Help Overview”