poppies-welcome-to-balanceflowWhen I transferred the contents of my original 2003 BalanceFlow site to this new platform, I mentioned on the home page that I had hundreds of illustrated acupressure self-help instructions that I wanted to add to the site. Even after I had created the illustrations to use in my classes, it was not easy to add them to the old site, since the coding on the old platform was very awkward. A decade later, platforms such as WordPress make creating websites much easier.

I’ve decided to publish these illustrated instructions as blog posts. I think that’s the best way to make it easy to locate acupressure self-help for specific conditions, whether it’s arthritis or insomnia, elbows or knees. So if you have found your way to these blog posts, welcome!

I’m not sure at this point what else I might include in this blog. I enjoy blogging (I have two other blogs), although blogging makes me self-conscious (I’ve written about that here). Writing inevitably makes me think about the whole range of things that interest me and how my interests relate to the course of my life. I’ve had a series of careers — college professor, author, corporate manager, Asian therapies bodywork. Lately I find that what I most want to do is read, research and write.

When I had my Chinese horoscope interpreted, I was told there would never be an undertaking in my life that “had my name of it,” so to speak. There would never be any “motive force” that told me to follow one course of action rather than another. On the one hand, I was glad to learn this, since it explained what I had experienced. On the other hand, I resisted believing this, since I grew up in a culture that values motivation, ambition and accomplishment (I’ve written about this here).

So as I start this blog, I wonder if I’ll want to reflect on what this period in life — when I was living and breathing Chinese medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Rosen Method 24-hours a day, first as a student, then as a practitioner, then as a teacher — means to me. Maybe. We’ll see.

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