Rosen Method Overview

Here’s what you can find on this site about Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement: What Is Rosen Method — An introduction to Rosen Method Rosen Method Questions and Answers — Benefits, sessions, more information Rosen Method Resources — Books and websites on specific topics

What Is Rosen Method?

Rosen Method Bodywork uses gentle touch to contact areas of muscle tension and restricted breathing. The practitioner provides feedback on the subtle bodily changes that occur when muscles relax. The combination of touch and verbal interaction deepens the client’s physical and emotional awareness. Initially clients may feel that sessions are… Read more“What Is Rosen Method?”


I have had scoliosis since childhood. It had never occurred to me that my spine could straighten as an adult. But it happened as a result of Rosen Method sessions. Everyone is different, and Rosen Method doesn’t claim to straighten spines. Even without realigning the spine, however, Rosen Method can… Read more“Scoliosis”

Trauma, Pain, and Stress

When we experience events that are overwhelming, our feelings are not easily integrated. This is especially true in childhood. Our feelings at the time of the experience may have been unacceptable, either by our own standards or by the caregivers we depended on. These intense feelings don’t simply disappear. They… Read more“Trauma, Pain, and Stress”

Awareness and Movement

Movement practices are a wonderful way to access the parts of ourselves we have put away, allowing them to find free expression. There are a number of excellent resources available in the Bay Area. Included below are: Rosen Method Movement Essential Motion Continuum Movement 5Rhythms Alexander Technique Feldenkrais Note that… Read more“Awareness and Movement”


Bodyworkers Here are some books (and a video) I recommend to anyone considering a professional bodywork practice. Note that the links below will open in a second browser window. The Educated Heart, Professional guidelines for massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement teachers by Nina McIntosh When first starting a bodywork practice,… Read more“Bodyworkers”

Rosen Method Basics

The number of books on Rosen Method has been increasing, with new ones published in recent years. In addition to books, this section has links to magazine and newspaper articles available on the web, including several interviews with Marion Rosen. The Rosen Method schools listed below are often called training… Read more“Rosen Method Basics”

Rosen Method Resources

Rosen Method is about many things — relaxation, chronic muscle tension, emotional experiences stored in the body, compassionate touch, transitions and transformations, relief from physical pain, rediscovering your true nature. The following list includes topics that are of special interest to me. Under each of these topics you’ll find comments… Read more“Rosen Method Resources”