Rosen Method Resources

Rosen Method is about many things — relaxation, chronic muscle tension, emotional experiences stored in the body, compassionate touch, transitions and transformations, relief from physical pain, rediscovering your true nature.

The following list includes topics that are of special interest to me. Under each of these topics you’ll find comments on books and websites I recommend, as well as comments on local teachers, classes, and stores. (Local means the South Bay area, south of San Francisco.) Each category appears on a separate page

On the rest of this page, you’ll find a brief note on each of the topics.

Rosen Method Basics
Books and web articles on Rosen Method, plus links to local and national schools that offer workshops.

Personal Growth & Transformation
Many people are attracted to Rosen Method because of the work’s potential for supporting personal change.

Movement Awareness
Movement is a wonderful way to access the parts of ourselves we have put away. Information on Rosen Method Movement, Essential Motion, Continuum Movement, 5Rhythms, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais.

Rosen Method is known for its ability to help those who have experienced abuse, trauma, and physical and emotional pain.

I bring to my scoliosis clients an understanding of their muscle tension and pain, based on my own experience with curvature of the spine.

Books and videos I recommend to anyone who is considering a professional bodywork practice. For training in Rosen Method Bodywork, see the Rosen Method Basics section above.