The most important point for shoulder tension

holding-jin-shin-jyutsu-coat-hanger-pointsThis Jin Shin Jyutsu point — Safety Energy Lock #3 (SEL #3) — is a major point for releasing shoulder tension. I call it the “coat hanger” point.

To locate it, curve the fingers of one hand as if they were the top of a coat hanger. Then hang your fingers on the top of your shoulder (on the same or opposite side). When holding the point on your opposite shoulder, the side of your thumb should rest against the base of your neck. When holding it on the same side shoulder, rest you little finger against the base of your neck.

You can either place your right hand on your right shoulder and your left hand on your left shoulder or, if it’s more comfortable, you can cross your arms in front and hold your opposite shoulders. You can also hold just one side — depending on which hand is free or which shoulder is chronically tighter.

Hold one or both points at any time throughout the day. You can hold for a few minutes or you can hold much longer — for example, as you’re falling asleep.

This is a major Jin Shin Jyutsu point that figures prominently in two of the three basic daily energy flows that I recommend for starting your day, the Supervisor Flow and the Diagonal Mediator Flow.