Creating Your Own Acupressure Self-Help Practice

sprouts-getting-started-with-acupressure-self-helpThe best way to benefit from acupressure is to pick one or two practices you enjoy and use them every day for one to two weeks. Then try a different practice. Gradually select a set of practices you’d like to do on a daily basis.

The secret to benefiting from acupressure self-help is to make it a daily habit. Identify a time of day when you’ll remember to practice acupressure — when you first get up, just before you go to sleep, while you’re watching Netflix, even while you’re reading a book. The benefits of acupressure come with regular, consistent practice.

If you choose to practice acupressure while you’re reading, you might want to know this: You don’t have to hold a point continuously to benefit. You can remove your fingers from a point while you turn a page, then resume your practice.

Be sure to read the next post on how to locate and hold acupressure points. It should put your mind at ease about how easy it will be to locate points.

Image source: Tamara TCM