Qigong Healing Resources

Qigong is a big subject. It’s probably best known as a self-help practice for improving one’s health — it’s what we see the citizens of China doing in the parks every morning.

The term “qigong” in its present usage is of recent (20th century) origin, but the practice of qigong-like exercises dates back to the animal dances of ancient Chinese shamans.

Within the last century there’s been extensive scientific research documenting the effectiveness of qigong, including Qigong Healing. In Qigong Healing the practitioner is a vehicle for directing universal energy into a client’s body.

In principle this is similar to Reiki, where the wisdom of the client’s body directs universal life energy wherever it needs to go. With Qigong Healing, it is still the client’s body that is doing the self-healing, but the practitioner often directs energy to specific parts of the body with the intent of bringing about a change in the energy status of that part.

I have studied Qigong Healing with Master Philip Lei Yang, who is located in Mountain View. He is a very powerful healer and I recommend him highly. You can visit his website at www.qistar.com.

I have also received Qigong Healing from a gifted practitioner, Elizabeth Congo. She is available at East West books in Mountain View on most Wednesdays. She’s usually featured in their events calendar. You can arrange to see her by calling East West (650-988-9800).

Another very powerful Qigong Master I’ve studied with is Master Zi Sheng Wang. He frequently offers group healings, which are inexpensive ($25) and very effective. He used to be in the South Bay more often and, more frequently in Oakland. I’m not sure he is still teaching in the US, but his students are. You can check this website to get more information. Master Wang practiced and taught Tibetan Qigong.

I have studied with Arnold Tayam, who offers a three-year Medical Qigong training program. I highly recommend him as a teacher and practitioner. Taking the first year of his class can be very beneficial for health conditions, whether or not you intend to practice Qigong healing.

I have also studied Medical Qigong with Dr. Seth Lefkowitz of Nature’s Path Center in San Jose.

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