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I’m not a follower or student of Western astrology, but in 2000 I had my Chinese astrological chart interpreted, first by Narrye Caldwell, my acupuncturist at the time, and then by her teacher, Robert Fenwick.

I was impressed with the insights the reading provided. Much of what it told me simply confirmed what I knew. But it also told me things that, while I recognized deep down how true they were, I’d been struggling against accepting them my whole life. What’s been most beneficial to me in the subsequent years is that I stopped trying to change myself into someone I’m not. I felt I’d been given permission to accept the things I can’t change. What a relief! I’ve written about this experience in a post called Can we think outside our culture: My Chinese horoscope.

I highly recommend both Narrye, who practices acupuncture and teaches Tai Chi and Chinese Astrology in Santa Cruz, and Robert (email:, who taught at The Fenwick Academy in Santa Cruz for many years.

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Coldspring Healing Arts


Coldspring Healing Arts

A series of articles on Chinese Astrology by Narrye Caldwell. Narrye has been a long-time student of Robert Fenwick. Here, for example, is an article on 2014, the year of the Wood Horse.

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