Bodyworkers Resources

Here are some books (and a video) I recommend to anyone considering a professional bodywork practice. My comments on them are located in the Bodyworkers section of the Rosen Method Resource pages. The links below will take you to each book on that page.

Note that the links below will open in a second browser window.

The Body Therapy Center The Body Therapy Center

I studied acupressure and shiatsu at the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto, CA. I was impressed with the school’s values. They used only the best teachers, they honestly cared about their students, and were constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve. In addition to training practitioners, they offered a variety of community workshops to the public. Unfortunately, the school is no longer offering classes. The organization is now the Massage Therapy Center, which has always had excellent practitioners. They offer acupressure, acupuncture, shiatsu, Thai massage and many other modalities.

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